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Do the job very well

I bought crazyarms for myself and my husband. We recently both used them on our driving holiday and found them light to wear, and so easy to put on and pull off . They're much lighter than the former cotton arm protectors we'd used in the 1990's. They stretch well around our arms and are just right in terms of firmness. So glad I bought them for us! I also use them when in the garden and along with my wide hat feel very protected from the harmful damage from sunlight.

Arm sleeve

Fabulous product with thumbhole which gives me much needed protection after skin cancer surgery and which I will continue to use when walking and cycling. Thank you.

Effective, good fit, reasonable price

I purchased two pairs for myself, and a couple of kids sleeves. The sizing is very good - I bought the small adult and they are nice and tight. I'm wearing the white sleeves with the thumbholes most of the time for my sport as they give good coverage over the hands. Price is very good compared to other stores.

Good Aussie product

I wear my crazyarms to prevent sunburn at golf as we are out in the elements for 4.5 hours. They are cool, comfortable and I really like the hand coverage with thumb hole. My arms are quite long but they stay up (other brands get sloppy and creep down). I love the responsible sourcing of the fabric from ghost fishing nets and the Oz company behind it. From ordering to delivery was just a few days. Great product.

Hi Wendy - thanks so much for the feedback, and glad to hear the Crazy Arms are working well for you

Play well!

The Crazy Arms team

Keep slipping down

Although the sleeves are comfortable to wear, I'm finding that they slip down my arms constantly. I may have chosen the wrong fit! But there's not much I can do now!! Shame.

Hi Patricia,

Sounds like our 'Relaxed fit' may be a bit loose for you. We'll contact you directly to see what we can do to rectify the situation.

The Crazy Arms team

Great much better than putting sun screen on every time you go out side for long periods I wear them every time I play golf cheers

Thanks for the review Larry,

Great to hear they are working for you. Nothing worse than having slippy sunscreen on your hand when you're trying to nail a 3-wood down the fairway.

the Crazy Arms team.

Love the colour- goes well with most clothing.
Comfortable, cool to wear, protects my skin without me having to wear a jacket/ extra shirt.
Big thumbs up!!

Thanks so much for your feedback.

'Grey' is trending as one of our most popular colours - probably for the reasons you said.

Thumbs up from us.

the Crazy Arms team

Love my crazy sleeves for golf. Very light to wear.

Val - thanks so much for taking the time to review your Crazy Arms.

Hope they help you sink those 5ft putts!

Best regards

the Crazy Arms team

Great product

I bought theses for my husband for golf, cycling and walking. He swears by them, comfortable and cooling.

Relaxed fit

Too loose for me on the upper arm, the regular fit is a bit tight, so unfortunately I’m in between, I do sew so have altered them to fit

Hi Linda, thanks for taking the time to review for us. The relaxed fit was created for some of our customers with larger upper arms. Great that you are able to make a couple of alterations yourself, but if that doesn't work, let us know and we can sort out a regular size for you.

Thanks so much for taking the time to write a review.

It really helps us on our mission to reduce the skin harm to people young and old.

Martin, Jason and Steve
The Crazy Arms founders

Quality Product and Great Service

Have purchased many of these for my family. Love them - comfortable, light, easy to clean and effective. A few times we've had to return items and it was SO EASY. They just send a reply-paid envelope and make it seamless. Appreciate this 'small company' approach to service

Hi David,

Always happy to help. Great that we've got the size all sorted; and that we are able to find a spare for the Crazy Arm that went missing.

Appreciate your support.

Martin, Jason and Steve
The Crazy Arms founders


The sleeves are so comfortable to wear and you don’t have to wear as much sunblock. Will be buying more in the future. Great company to deal with

Compact sun protection

Very effective and gives good sun protection coverage to arms and hands. Easy to put on and take off. Bought 3 colours. I’d buy again. Great service.

Great driving arms.

I got these after researching long gloves for driving in. The sun is pretty harsh in Australia and I prefer not to wear sunscreen. These were great as you can cover your hands but still have your fingers free to grip the steering wheel.
They aren't hot either. Next time I'll get a blue or grey pair tho as the white ones are getting stained from the steering wheel. Good for going swimming in too.

Great product for outdoor lovers

What a great product ! Our family spends a lot of time outdoors and we found this a great product particularly for our kids! Great idea, great quality and designs! Highly recommended!


My dealings with the gentlemen who attended to me were absolutely perfect.
My sleeves with thumbholes I bought for using for archery - The bow holding hand has after 2 using already split the seam between thumb and pointing finger - No drama I will fix this.
When I talked at the archery range about your new designs which are mostly camouflage pattern I was made aware, the any camouflage patterns are not allowed to wear at the range - I thought this might be interesting for you to know, because this is a field were there would be a lot of need for sun protection.
It would be nice to have more feminine designs to include as sleeves with "forget me nots" or the like would be a nice present too for to give to a friend -
sincerely Brigitta

Thanks Brigitte,
We have contacted you directly about the thumbhole stitching to sort that out, and hope that some of the new styles, like 'Summer Marble' may work as more feminine styles?

Sleeves are tops!

Loving my new sleeves with thumb loop.
I bought them for tennis but will also use in the car.
Much better than applying sunscreen.
I also like the recycled yarn. What a great idea.

Great to hear, and hope you get to enjoy doubles gain now we are post lockdown.

Fantastic products

It is exactly what I need. Great sun protection for driving.

Delighted to hear.

Thanks for the feedback.

The Crazy Arms team :)

Love my crazy arms, many comments on the great colour.
Perfect for my needs.. Stops my skin reaction to plastic gowns.

Thanks so much for the review Rebecca - they are one hot pink colour!

Amazing product, just what we needed!

Just wanted to say that I'm really pleased with the sleeves I purchased for my son. He has very bad eczema so his arms need to be covered most of the time to protect his skin and help them heal. It is almost impossible to apply sun screen without causing a bad reaction. When the order arrived yesterday he put them on immediately and wanted to keep them on at home inside as they were so comfortable. Thank you very much, this means Beau won't have to wear a long sleeve t-shirt under his school shirt every day making him really hot.


Liked them so much I came back for more. The fact that they are made from recycled nylon rather than new polyester is a major selling point for me. The kids have several pairs too. Our family is pleased.

Golf balls

I love these so much and they look great in my golf cart 👍

We'll be checking to see you've not lost them in a couple of months!


These are my favourites sleeves yet. Thanks Crazy arms 💪

You're welcome Sam.

great idea

the sleeves are comfortable and easy to wash and dry- love them

HI Rochelle,

Great to hear your feedback.

Thanks for your support

The Crazy Arms team

Very happy “jan”! :-)

This is the fifth set I have bought for my family members as they really are a must have in your summer wardrobe to protect against dangerous UV rays. Do yourself a favour and get some. So quick, easy and convenient.

Thanks so much for your support, and so glad we are providing a service to all your family members.

Best wishes from the Crazy Arms team