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Lost them

I lost My Crazyarms before I could wear them😪


Thank you for replacing the Crazyarms for me with the appropriate sized ones at no extra cost. I also was delighted to receive the grey pair as a bonus offer. They are of a great quality.
My granddaughter is very enthusiastic with regards to wearing them when soccer games resume.
Unfortunately there is a Club/District ruling with regards to the fact that they must be in their club colours and I believe that your company is looking into being able to address the demands of this rule of various soccer districts.
Having had radiation of my cheek in 2019 I would consider that the awareness of sun safety for young children would override these demands.
Many thanks for your prompt service and I look forward to an update that club colours will be available soon and that I may be able to promote the wearing of the Crazyarms in our local districts.

Practical for reducing sunburn and aging skin on arms when you forget to apply sunburn cream. Look good too.

I'm pleased with the white sun sleeves i purchased. They are comfortable and fabric is soft.

My little golfer loves them

Great fit, excellent quality. No more sunscreen battle for the arms!

Recent convert

Great service (product arrived within a few days of the order being placed).

Sleeves work well - protection from the sun and even on hot days their breathabilty allows for a comfortable experience.

My review

Love the crazy arms
I wear every day and keep in the car for to and from work
Very practical and love the way they use recycled rubbish
Good value
I think they can be made longer to cover and protect your hands from the sun (Crazy Arms: comments: this is something we are looking at as we develop the range)

100% Sun Safe

Everyone should have a pair in the Australian sun. These are the business and tested to the highest sun protection standards (which is an investment). My son has just been diagnosed with a rare auto immune disease (jdm) and the sun accelerates it, not to mention pre-disposes him to skin cancer. Outside a rashie & hat, we are sadly under prepared- I’ve found, to truly cover up in Australia, without hiding indoors. Crazyarms are awesome. Look good, super easy to throw in a pocket and pull out when needed and most of all - I know my kids are protected. Given most adults develop skin cancers in their early years, I can see these becoming as essential as a good sun hat. It makes sense. I also found the company excellent to deal with and they went above and beyond in my quest to try and fully cover up the child mentioned above. I’m about to order a 3rd pair - this time for myself. Love them.

Everyone should have a pair of these

I bought three pairs of children's size arms (medium and large) and as an adult with skinny arms they fit me really well. I'll be carrying a pair with me everywhere I go, they are so much more convenient that slathering on sunscreen and much more portable than carrying a jacket. My sister just had some skin cancers removed from her hands recently, I pull these down over my hands now while I'm out in the sun! I only wish these were around when I was little :)

Just what I was looking for!

I was after something that would both keep my arms warm in the cool and keep the sun off in the warm. I'm an adult with skinny arms and these fit me perfectly, I pull them over my hands too, to keep the sun off them as well. And so much easier than taking a jacket! Super helpful service and such a brilliant idea, both for us and the critters in the sea :) I bought some black pairs as well, and so portable you can have a pair with you at all times. The yellow stripes are my favourite

We experienced nothing but great service. The team responded to questions promptly. Delivery was quick and the arm sleeves were great quality.

Dark Blue Arm Sleeves – Women

Great product

'Arm' your kids in the battle against sun damage

WOW! A 'funtastic' innovative sun protection product that has maximum kid appeal, is environmentally friendly and 100% Aussie owned and operated. The super 'cool' designs and texture cater for sport, school and play and the best part - kids actually want to wear them, which means less nagging about applying sunscreen and greater peace of mind for parents. The eco-friendly packaging is minimal yet appealing with super speedy delivery. The CA team are absolutely fabulous to deal with and are generously supporting the introduction of the red and yellow/white strip sleeves as part of the summer uniform at our local primary school. Overall a platinum star recommendation *****

Perfect for Little Athletics

My 5 year old absolutely loves wearing these to Little Athletics. Great idea for sun protection and ideal for when mum forgets the sunscreen. Eeek!

Great Product / Great Service!

I can't believe how fast these crazy arms arrived. I think it was only a day after I order them. My daughter loves them, maybe a bit too much, hard to get her to take them off. Product quality seems excellent, and just what we expected. Size was perfect. Well done Crazy Arms!

Big hit!

The mermaid design was first pick for my 5 year old, and she has proudly worn them to daycare to show off to her friends. I love the concept and how quick and easy they are to put on.

So Soft!

My 7 year old loves her unicorn crazy arms, and has commented that they are so soft and comfortable to wear. The small size is a perfect fit for her.


My son loves wearing his Crazy Arms as he loves the design. I also like that I know that he's protected by the sun. I don't like having to put sunscreen on constantly and honestly I don't always get around to it so I'm happy to know that his arms are protected during summer especially.

Awesome Idea!

Received these gorgeous mermaid crazy arms recently in the post - purchase and delivery was easy, quick and seamless. The pattern is so lovely (any girl would adore) and the fabric is so soft and easy to wear. Kids are the talk of the town when wearing them. Great product, definitely recommend to anyone.

Practical and smart!

While it was a very tricky choice (all the CrazyArms are so cool), we went with the grey sleeves so that they would be very versatile and go with everything. My son absolutely loves them. He spends a lot of time in the park playing, so this level of protection is great to ensure he remains sun safe. We will be purchasing more as he has really embraced wearing them and is keen to show them off when anyone asks. Thanks for your fast delivery and great product.

Happy kids!

I am so pleased with our CrazyArms and had to let you know. Our boys are very active and spend a lot of time outdoors. CrazyArms has been fantastic as we no longer battle them to put on sunscreen as they love the look and feel of the arms. The CrazyArms are compact so take up little room in my bag, which means I always have them on hand. Congratulations on a brilliant concept - it ticks all of the boxes for us: environmentally considerate, well made, great quality, extremely useful while still being super cool. I have to say that I also really liked the minimal packaging and prompt delivery.

Wouldn’t take them off!

I ordered these for my 5yo who is outside a lot and swims regularly in our pool. She absolutely loved the design and even took them to daycare for ‘News.’ She did not get sunburnt while wearing them and I loved that I didn’t need to worry about reapplying sunscreen. Highly recommend!

Too cool!

I recently purchased a pair of Skull Arms for my 11 year old son. He's HATES putting on sunscreen and I was desperate to find an alternative. I think I've found one! He LOVES his Skull Arms; in fact he often insists on wearing them even if the sun isn't shining ... I've now bought a pair of Mermaid Arms and another of the Sailor Arms for my son's step-sister. I'm sure they'll be similarly popular.

The site is very well organised; check-out straightforward; and delivery prompt. Thank you CrazyArms!

Protect and safe for kids

Very stylish trendy product, great protection for kids skin in hot sunny day. I don't need to worry he plays outdoor anymore, he is happy and comfortable to wear it as well. My wife wears the white colour one as well when driving to cover her arm. She is very happy with this product, no more direct sun to her arm from car window. Highy recommended product for kids or adult who has sensitive skin dealing with bright sun .

Fantastic Product!

I purchased this Black Skulls arm sleeve for my nephew's birthday. It arrived in good time and the product is fantastic quality. My nephew absolutely loves them and his parents love the fact his arms arm protected and covered up from the sun whilst playing outside. Highly recommend this to anyone!

Thanks Steve, great to hear your nephew loves them!