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Amazing product, just what we needed!

Just wanted to say that I'm really pleased with the sleeves I purchased for my son. He has very bad eczema so his arms need to be covered most of the time to protect his skin and help them heal. It is almost impossible to apply sun screen without causing a bad reaction. When the order arrived yesterday he put them on immediately and wanted to keep them on at home inside as they were so comfortable. Thank you very much, this means Beau won't have to wear a long sleeve t-shirt under his school shirt every day making him really hot.


Liked them so much I came back for more. The fact that they are made from recycled nylon rather than new polyester is a major selling point for me. The kids have several pairs too. Our family is pleased.

Golf balls

I love these so much and they look great in my golf cart πŸ‘

We'll be checking to see you've not lost them in a couple of months!


These are my favourites sleeves yet. Thanks Crazy arms πŸ’ͺ

You're welcome Sam.

great idea

the sleeves are comfortable and easy to wash and dry- love them

HI Rochelle,

Great to hear your feedback.

Thanks for your support

The Crazy Arms team

Very happy β€œjan”! :-)

This is the fifth set I have bought for my family members as they really are a must have in your summer wardrobe to protect against dangerous UV rays. Do yourself a favour and get some. So quick, easy and convenient.

Thanks so much for your support, and so glad we are providing a service to all your family members.

Best wishes from the Crazy Arms team

A favourite

Got these for my son. Great product and excellent quality. He loves this design. He calls them his Minecraft sleeves πŸ˜„

Crazy arms

So good ! I feel so sun safe when wearing out walking or in the garden/outdoors. Especially love the hot pink!

Hi Susan

Thanks so much for your review. Love that you love the hot Pink! We will have some new patterns coming through for the Spring, so hopefully we can keep everything in the garden looking lovely!
Appreciate your support.
Martin - Co-Founder Crazy Arms Clothing

Reliable protection

I'm so happy with my crazy arms. I can weed among the bromiliads and not look like I've wrestled a wildcat. They are comfortable, stay 'up and aren't hot as I'd feared. I love the eco-friendly credentials and recyclable packaging.

great product and very comfortable

Wonderfully soft and smooth fabric; I love that they're made from recycled materials. I'm quite sensitive to seams and stitching, but didn't have a problem with the side seam down the length of the sleeve. My one detraction is that the upper part of the sleeve tends to slip down on meβ€”I'm on the lower end of the fit range, so even though it feels comfortably snug, over time they slide down below the sleeve line.

Well made

The sleeves were well made and easy to put on and take off. The cover over my hand was the perfect fit allowing me to grip my bike handles easily. I felt well protected from the sun. Easy just to slip them on at the spur of the moment instead of changing from short to long sleeved shirt. Very satisfied with delivery too.

Great lightweight sleeves

I'm very happy with my crazy arms - lightweight and perfect as the cooler weather kicks in.

Crazy arms sun protection

Just bought 2 pairs of crazy arms after a second melanoma excision - plain and blue tie die. Blue ones regularly get positive comments :) I've used them running and recently did a cycling trip with them and enjoyed them immensely - not too hot while cycling, confident I'm not getting burnt arms, when we stopped it was easy to pull them down off my arms for a breather. I'll be buying more as these get used, and will buy some for my husband who is getting serious about sun protection for himself.

White Arm Sleeves
Jennifer Clive

I use my sleeves for cycling. Can’t believe how comfortable and cool they are. I am a small adult so found the adult size too long. However large kids just right.

Happy with your product thx

UV Arm Sleeves

The arm sleeves have been excellent -just what I was looking for . My 2 kids (9 & 11) wear them at school for all their sport and gardening activities. Comfortable and stay in place. Very happy.

Blue Crazy Arms

Excellent product but not helping my golf much though!!

Great sleeves they match lots of my cycle jerseys

These sleeves are so happy and fun. The fabric is soft and the fit comfortable, particularly around the upper arm. They are perfect for mild to warm weather. I use them bike riding. The sleeves are a bit too warm for me in very hot weather, I need a thinner material. I recommend them.

Good fit, wash well. Happy with my sleeves. Now please stop hounding me for a review!

Hi Byron, Thanks so much for your review. Sorry you felt like we were hounding you, but we do only ask twice. And we really appreciate the feedback, as we read every one.

Delighted the Urban Grey Crazy Arms work well for you.

White Arm Sleeves

Have used them for both golf and cycling and found them comfortable and not constricting. Great purchase and value for money

Black Arm Sleeves – Adult
dont want my displayed
black and white sleeves

i am pleased with my purchase as I work in the sun for an hour and a half during the school times and I have recommended these to my friend.

Eco conscious company :)

I ordered these as I work outdoors and wanted something long sleeved to cover my arms without having to rely on heavy long sleeved shirts in the heat of summer. Also was going through too much sun lotion, which at work would leave me covered in dirt as everything would stick to me.
The sleeves came quickly and were impressively packaged in environmentally friendly materials. They fit snugly and stay up well which was my main concern. Happy with the product and will order some more in the near future

Tie dye blue

After having a melanoma excised from my arm I was looking for sun protection. These are excellent. In particular I wear them in the car especially during long journeys.

Love them and so pleased you make the navy colour (other brands do not) as navy is a very popular golf clothing colour. I will probably get a second pair as would like to have a spare.