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Crazy Arms Sports Club Program Look after your players, raise money for your club

Protection from harmful UV rays while playing sport is really important, especially for children. Bad sunburns early in life can cause damage leading to skin cancer later.

Crazy Arms Soccer Sleeves – Girls and Boys  Crazy Arms Cricket Sleeves – Girls and Boys  
Crazy Arms have been created to fit underneath sports shirts to provide UPF 50+ protection on the sports field, for sports like cricket, summer soccer, golf, netball and tennis. They come in a variety of colours, in sizes from age 5 up to adult.
Sign up to the Crazy Arms Sports Club program, and your club will get $4 into the club funds for every pair sold.

How does this work? – easily!

What you have to do?
  • Sign up online, and we approve your request.
  • Download tiles for your club’s Facebook page, or banners for your website.
  • Get a code for club members to use at check out if they don’t go through your website or Facebook page.
  • Spread the word through newsletters, at training, and on match days.
What the technology does

Once installed, all sales are automatically registered to your club, and the money is credited to your club's nominated bank account every month.

What do we do

Crazy Arms will process and dispatch the orders direct to your members and deal with any issues around sizing, returns etc. (To date, we have had very few issues as the product works well). 

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About Crazy Arms

Crazy Arms Clothing was set up by three Aussie dads. Keen to protect their children, slightly concerned about the chemicals in sun screen, fed up with the fuss and mess every day, and keen to create something fun that kids would want to wear.

  • Crazy Arms are held in place at the top of the arm by a light elastic and with the stretch of the material
  • They are made from recycled waste nylon, like old recovered fishing nets
  • They are ARPANSA tested UPF 50+
  • They come in a range of colours and kid-friendly designs
  • Originally created for 5-12 year olds, we now offer core colours in teen (L) and adult (A) sizes
  • Retail price from $27.50 - $32.50

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Need to share this information with your club committee?

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