Headz - Protective Headwear

Headz - Protective Headwear

Headz by Crazy Arms have been created as a flexible garment to protect necks and faces from harsh UV rays.

Available in Adult and Junior sizes, Headz can be worn in many different ways. As a Neck Scarf, Beanie, Bandana, Hood, Hairband or Face Mask. 

Made from our lightweight, gentle stretch fabric, Headz provide UPF 50+ cover for those easily burnt areas like noses, ears and necks. 

Headz do not offer the same amount of protection from Covid-19 contagion as made-for-purpose fitted face masks  and should not be used in situations where the risk of contagion is high. Frequent (daily) washing is recommended.

Also note that due to safety reasons, we do not accept returns of Headz, but please contact us if you are not happy with the product for any reason.

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