About Us

Our Not-So-Crazy Story

Making Sun Protection Fun

Crazy Arms® were created by three Aussie dads, aiming to put some fun into the serious business of sun protection for their kids.

Research by Professor Micheal Kimlin at Queensland University of Technology found “UV exposure during a person’s first 18 years of life was most critical for cancer-causing skin damage and skin ageing.” And 80% of lifetime UV Ray absorption occurs before a child turns 18.

Our goal is to make everyday sun protection less messy, wasteful and hassle-free. We're also keen to reduce the amount of chemicals absorbed through the skin from sunscreens and polluting our precious marine life. Less mess, less fuss, less waste and less harm to us and our planet.

By coming up with fun designs for kids, our aim is to make kids happy wearing Crazy Arms, and stop the daily sunscreen fight.

Fabric that performs and helps the environment

Other sun sleeves we had tracked down tended to be heavy, hot, and not pleasant to wear. We spent a long time researching to find a fabric that is light-weight, soft to the touch, and most importantly rating at the highest UV protection level: UPF 50+

After months of testing, we were delighted to discover a fabric that did all that, but better still, was made from a regenerated yarn. This comes from ghost fishing nets that are recovered from the ocean by the organisation, Healthy Seas. 1% of all our sales go to Healthy Seas to help fund their work.

All our packaging is also made from 100% recycled and recyclable materials.

From little kids to big kids – our adult range

The soft, breathable, ultra-lightweight UPF 50+ fabric, Crazy Arms® help protect arms from dawn to dusk. And that’s why more and more of our sales are coming from adults, some of who have learnt the hard way what lifetime exposure to UV rays can cause.

Golfers, cyclists, cricketers, tennis players, bowlers, (and pickleballers!), have all come to Crazy Arms for their great performance characteristics.

We added a "relaxed fit" option for those with larger upper arms, plus longer versions with a thumbhole tom provide top of hand cover

We’ve now added some funkier leisure styles for those morning walks, outdoor yoga, days on the water, and by the pool (Crazy Arms are chlorine resistant).

Made for the Australian Summer

Designed in Sydney, and manufactured both in Australia and China using the same premium fabric, Crazy Arms are made for the Australian summer.

Unfortunately, the number of days with extreme UV across Australia continues to increase every year. To limit the lifetime exposure, wearing sun protective clothing is increasingly important for current and future generations.

Just as hats have become a compulsory part of Australian schools’ SunSmart uniform policy, exposed arms deserve the same protection with an easy, safe, long-lasting protection.

Our commitment:

1% of all sales are donated to healthyseas.org