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Crazy Arms Clothing Founders

Crazy Arms® were created by Aussie dads, aiming to put some fun into the serious business of sun protection for their kids. Our goal was to make the process less messy and hassle-free every morning, and reduce the amount of chemicals absorbed through the skin.

We also wanted an ethically sourced, environmentally sound product. After months of research, we found the prefect fabric; soft, with the highest UPF rating, made from yarn regenerated from waste nylon. Much of this  comes from ghost fishing nets that are recovered from the ocean by the organisation, Healthy Seas.

1% of all sales go to Healthy Seas to help fund their work

Healthy Seas diver with ghost fishing net

 The soft, breathable, ultra-lightweight UPF 50+ fabric, Crazy Arms® help protect arms from dawn to dusk. They come in fun and funky kid-friendly designs, or plain colours for sports and school wear. Over 80% of the range is made in Australia,

Just as hats have become a compulsory part of Australian schools’ SunSmart uniform policy, exposed arms deserve the same protection with an easy, attractive, long-lasting solution.

dinosaur crazy arms

And when school's out, it's time for fun in the sun!