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Dark Blue Arm Sleeves – Adult
Jacqueline Boulizos
Crazy Arms Sleeves

I am a lawn Bowler and wear the navy blue crazy arms sleeves.
Quite comfortable and protects your arms. Would definitely buy again.

Wish I knew about them earlier

These are the best to wear when hiking!

Just love them, I wear one as a support for an arm injury and it helps .


There too small should be labelled only for asians or the under nourished !!!!

First time wearer

Surprised how comfortable they are, certainly better than having to reapply sunscreen during a round.

Coral Blue Tie Dye - Relaxed fit

I bought this for my husband in the relaxed fit and it is a bit too tight, he doesn't wear it as it isn't comfortable for him. We did do the measuring beforehand as per the measurements from the website but it was still a bit tight.
Mine is the regular Fit and fits fine so just make sure you give yourself some room when ordering!

Summer Marble Arm Sleeves with Thumbhole

I bought the 'Summer Marble Arm Sleeves with Thumbhole - Adult', I am a small person so they are great, they cover whole arm and most of my hand and fingers. I use them all the time, keep them in my handbag or the car and I wear them for trips to the shops, driving to work and coast trips.
They keep your arms cool, sun protected and are comfy for me. AMAZING!

Great quality

I purchased the UV Cycling sleeves in black. They have been great. I even use them to protect my arms when gardening in the sun. They are well made comfortable and perfect for my needs. Thankyou also for the prompt service. Sue

Every day go-to

I have spare pairs of Crazy Arms stashed in the laundry (for hanging washing out), in the car and in a couple of bags which I use regularly - they are all fabulous! The grey ones are a good neutral colour for general wear.


I am very happy with my uv sleeves. I am almost 94 years old and suffer from skin cancers.As I still ride my gofer the sleeves give me great protection for which I am very grateful. Thank you sincerely.
Sr Marie Barker

Great fit. Delivery as expected. A continuing excellent product.

Crazyarms relaxed fit sleeves

I wear for golf. They feel really comfortable and don't slip down.

Crazyarms relaxed fit sleeves

I wear for golf. They feel really comfortable and don't slip down.

My say

Very fast delivery - great to wear and super good it is all made from recyled fishing nets etc. A real winner all round.

Great product

I was a bit hesitant because of the price but they really are worth it. Colour is great, they are comfy and no more allergic reactions to sun on my arms.

Great to hear you appreciate the quality that does cost a little more.

Very happy with the relaxed fit, the pattern and the ability to be in the sun but safe from sunburn. Especially good for driving.


Safe from the sun

Toddlers love the colors, mum loves the sun-smart, 4years loves having arms like Nan!

Happy customer

After having a melanoma removed from my arm I have to be extra careful in the sun
The crazy arms fit the bill as I play bowls and I feel very protected

Great to hear we have helped you safely keep up your sporting endeavours

Cancer warning

I bought these rainbow sleeves with thumbhole as I've just had a large skin cancer requiring 22 stitches removed from the back of my right hand. I have also notice that if I don't put them on I feel the heat of the sun a lot sooner on my skin. If I'm out gardening I just roll the thumbhole back up to my wrist, so they don't get filthy. I recommend these for anyone.

Partners happy

Purchased these for my partner and she is extremely happy Thankyou

Ocean Blue Kids Arm Sleeves
Harry the travel mate
love the style

I bought this one for my 10 year old daughter
she explains that she don't feel discomfort with fitting and the material is so good quality we can feel that also she love the style the mermaid design other this one
I would recommend to any one who has grey skin , we can feel the difference with this compared to other one bought from ebay

Mermaid Kids Arm Sleeves
Harry the travel mate

I feel this is the best one so far we tried with daughter and she loves it too . she feel comfort with fitting and never complains it and she uses it regularly when school PT DAY . I have also recommend to many mates for their kids and the best flexy material and the stitching is so perfect too . I little one never get any burn or tanned more on a sunny day outing or swimming afternoon . Loved it

Bruised arms and thin skin

Yes great product whe riding my ebike gives protection to my arms..doesn't feel is feeling refreshed and not dried out

Work for e-bikes - great to hear!

Nice product and fast delivery

great solution for protection

My 6yr old granddaughter is currently going through radiation on her arm, this product is a gem we bought 3 sets Emoji, Hot pink & Unicorns my granddaughter got to choose which ones and loves them all. At her school they have no hat no play rule and now they have a special one for Aliviah no sleeve no play. Crazy Arm Team are awesome, after I chose the wrong size and was in a panic as I needed them for the following week. Martin contacted me directly and sent the bigger size out to me before I had posted the original purchase back to them. Thanks again Martin you and your team are awesome I have been sharing your product around here in Perth WA :)

The least we could do to help.

So glad we found the size and patterns that work well.