Crazy, Crazy, Crazy Arms

Crazy Arms are all about kids having fun. So when one of our daughters started singing ‘Crazy, Crazy, Crazy Arms’ in the back of the car, we thought why not turn it into a real track, with a little help from Jack.

And once we’d written the song, the next question was, “what about a Crazy Arms dance?” Braeden and the team from Infinite Dance Co. thought it was a good idea too.

Check out our 'Crazy, Crazy Arms' track.

Go Crazy!

Do your own freestyle dance moves like these kids.

Got your own Crazy Arms dance you’d like to share?

Step 1

You can download our music track, “Crazy, Crazy Arms” here:

Step 2

Send your video to, or post it on your own Facebook / Instagram feeds #crazyarmsdance

Kids, remember to get your parents approval for anything you do on social.

Learn how to do the Crazy Arms move

Perfect for goal celebrations, impressing friends, or simply when your arms feel like going a little crazy.

Join the Crazy Arms dance workout

and learn some new moves.

Check out some of these crazy moves


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