Golf Sleeves

Golf Sleeves

Perfect Golf Sleeves - Comfort and Protection

Crazy Arms were born at St Michaels Golf Club in NSW.  We spent months finding the right fabric. Light-weight, soft, and with just the right amount of stretch to stay up comfortably.  A bonus is that the premium fabric we use is recycled, as well as delivering the highest UV protection rating by ARPANSA: UPF 50+

Fits for Optimal Performance

From a golfing perspective, golf arm sleeves have to fit like a second skin. Crazy Arms allow the freedom of movement a long sleeve shirt doesn't give. We have two adult sizes, Regular and Relaxed Fit, to match the width of your biceps. Plus 4 sizes for Junior golfers from age 4 ( for the young Tiger Woods) and up! There's more info on sizing here.

Arm-up Before you Tee-up.

Golfers are particularly vulnerable to skin cancer from their extreme exposure over the years. Playing sun smart from a young age is really important, although it's never too late.

Spend less time at the skin clinic, and more time on the course.

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