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All good very good product have only ever bought these items off Crazy Arms as they serve the purpose

Gift Card
Edna Brady
Fantastic product

I purchased a pair of your Crazy Arms for myself and thought they would make a great gift.
The young gardener I gave the card to was also thrilled and her Mum, not to be left out,bought some as well!
Love the product. My "Palm Trees" looks like a full arm tattoo..perhaps you should do this with a pair!
Best wishes, Edna

Unique product

I got Crazy Arms in 3 colours, and absolutely love them! Not only do they protect from the sun, but they cover my arms as a 57 yo woman when wearing too-short sleeves. Some of us don’t like our arms on display above the elbow. Very comfortable, silky-soft, and they stay on.

Love These Crazy Arms

I took my crazy arms on a trip to The Kimberley where the sun was blazing down every day. They were 100 percent effective in preventing my arms from sunburn. The fabric is super-fine, so I still felt cool and comfortable.

Great product. Kept the sun off my arms and provided good cooling effect while riding.

Good fit. A little sweaty when sunny or humid. Otherwise provides great protection.

Love these

As a mum I absolutely love the peace of mind these give me when my son in our in the FNQ sun playing soccer. He says he forgets they are on and doesn’t notice them. They are a great product to have.

Great product

Protection from the sun, comfortable and cool. Great when playing lawn bowls.

I love that they help cool you off while protecting you from the sun!

I love that they help cool you off while protecting you from the sun!

Arms not long enough

Arm sleeves are great, but are too short,part of my biceps is not covered.

Crazy Arms are great!

Crazy arms are magical. They keep your arms warm when it's cold. And they keep your arms cool when it's hot! How do they do it? And all the while they are doing their 'real' job of protecting your arms from the sun. I find them really comfortable to wear and a perfect solution to protect my arms from too much sun.

What a difference a sleeve makes

I use these sleeves as part of my sportswear for dragon boating, they turn my short sleeve race top into a long sleeve and if they get wet I can just peel them off Awesome

Love them thankyou

Great product

Very effective for riding & walking. Great no having to wear sunscreen.

Blue Crazy Arms

Having skin easily prone to abrasions. The Crazy Arms work well to protect my arms.

crazy arms

I love them and am wearing them everywhere and every day they are great as now I I have an allergy to the sun and they are good for my clothes and uniform.

Tried other arm sleeves…

….but will come back to Crazy Arms. The cheap Chinese fall apart after 10-15 washes and the Nike & Adidas lose their elasticity and need pulling up every so often.

Happy Crazy Arms Customer

My crazy arms arrived promptly, fitted well, no complications and I am loving wearing them. All good for my crazy arms purchase.

Great coverage . I have vitiligo so I need to be covered up , they are nice and cool

The only complaint that I have is I thought these crazy arms had the slit in the wrist to cover my hands

Well worth having

I recently bought 2 sets of crazy arm sun sleeves. One pair to remain in the car , the other pair for walking, gardening etc. I am so pleased I purchased them and only wish I had done so earlier as my arms need sun protection. The sleeves are very comfortable and cool.
I am looking to buy another pair in a darker shade for winter.

My son loves them and willingly wears them to soccer & school sports. Have recommended them to many people and I’ll be ordering another pair for sure.

Thanks Emily,

We're just re-stocking some of the sizes as balck seems to be a very popular colour

Regular fit sleeves don't fall down

Got this pair as the original I bought (relaxed fit, which I didn't realise which are designed to be for larger biceps) did not stay up when playing tennis, or more crucially when I went for a swim after wards. But this pair (regular fit )did

Hi Margaret,

We're glad we sorted the right size for you.

Perfect sun solution for delicate and sensitive skin

My 5yo has a fading hemangioma that covers their whole forearm. The skin there needs that extra protection from the sun but they are quite sensitive to sunscreen. Being a huge lover of unicorns and rainbows, these sleeves are just perfect.

Nice looking and effective protection

Very nice looking and comfortable to wear when playing lawn bowls. Great product.