How to keep those Crazy Arms White!

Man in White Crazy Arms - UV Sleeves

Time to freshen up your whites?

Whether it's for cricket, golf, or just out and about, white Crazy Arms are the most popular choice.

However, even with careful washing, whites can go a little grey with constant wear.

Here are four ways to try and help remove stains or brighten up your whites, starting with the least toxic:

  1. Mix white wine vinegar, lemon juice and a dash of water and dab onto the stains, letting it soak all the way through for a few minutes before putting them into a machine wash
  2. Use methylated sprits to try and rub off the stain then machine wash
  3. Mix some laundry detergent with water, apply directly to the stain and allow to soak in before machine washing
  4. Vanish Napisan Gold Pro OxiAction Stain Remover Gel.  Possibly the longest product name in the world, but makes big claims on its effectiveness

Whichever route you go, line drying afterwards will also help whiten the Crazy Arms through natural sun-bleaching. 

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