Introducing Headz - UV Protection, and the Covid question

Introducing Headz - UV Protection, and the Covid question

Getting our Headz together

Headz by Crazy Arms have been in development since last summer.  They are designed as a flexible garment to protect necks and faces from harsh UV rays. Made from our lightweight, recycled fabric, with a gentle stretch that keeps them in place, Headz provide UPF 50+ cover for those easily burnt areas like noses, ears and necks. 

Covid-19 - Protection meets Style

Now of course, we have Covid-19 to protect ourselves from, and outside of the medical profession, face protection has become a question style. Celebs have been seen sporting a variety of face coverings.

Amber Heard, Kristen Stewart, Johnny Depp and Sarah Jessica Parker.(Karwai Tang/WireImage), BACKGRID, (Samir Hussein/WireImage), (Gotham/GC Images)

So are these stylish alternatives safe?  Health authorities are saying that made-for-purpose masks are the most Covid-safe.  The Victorian government gives this simple, practical advice:

"A face mask is recommended, and includes any paper or textile covering designed or made to be worn over the nose and mouth to protect the wearer. It does not have to be medical grade and you can make your own. There are instructions on how to make a mask on the Department’s website - How to make a mask.
If a face mask is not available, other forms of face covering may be used such as a scarf or bandana."

Headz outdoors?

As Headz do not offer the same amount of protection from Covid-19 contagion as made-for-purpose fitted face masks, we do not recommend them for situations where the risk of contagion is high. However in lower risk environments, such as outdoors, our style of product does provide both coverage and compliance.  Indeed, we've seen golfers like Tiger Woods wearing similar products in recent days.

Tiger Woods in Face Shield

Image courtesy of Getty Images / Golf / Apple News

Par for the course

Indeed, we've been testing our Headz on our favourite testing ground - St. Michaels Golf course in NSW for a number of weeks, checking it protects from the early morning chill and the powerful UV rays later in the day.

Available in Adult and Junior sizes, Headz can be worn in many different ways. As a Neck Scarf, Beanie, Bandana, Hood, Hairband or Face Mask. Frequent (daily) washing is recommended.

You can check out our Headz range here.

Also note that due to safety reasons, we do not accept returns of Headz, but please contact us if you are not happy with the product for any reason.

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Our blog articles are based on our own experience and research. For expert advice, please contact a medical professional. 

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