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A look at the science behind skin damage

Most of us are aware of the need for sun protection at all ages. What is not widely known is the impact of early years sun exposure on your chances of skin cancer in later life. Research by Professor Micheal Kimlin at Queensland University of Technology found “UV exposure during a person’s first 18 years of life was most critical for cancer-causing skin damage and skin ageing.” And 80% of lifetime UV Ray absorption occurs before a child turns 18. 

This video from Sunsmart UK explains how UV sunburn can lead to skin cancer.

UV sunburn and skin cancer

It is estimated that up to 90% of skin damage occurs from the sun. The truly scary thing is what happens to your child’s skin on a cellular level when burned. Sunburn or redness is simply the body’s defence mechanism and a way of protecting itself. Redness is a sign that UV rays have mutated keratinocytes: the skin cell’s DNA. Over time these mutated cells multiply, divide or compound and ultimately can develop into skin cancer. The key to avoiding this kind of skin damage is to prevent sunburn before it even starts.

Crazy Arms can protect 25-30% of your skin exposure

Percentage range of skin exposed when a child is wearing a hat, t-shirt and shorts and shoes.

Face = 7-11%
Neck = 2-4%
Arms = 25-30%
Hands = 12-18%
Legs = 37-45%

- Source: Lund & Browder (adapted) -

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