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Crazy Arms are delighted to be supporting the 2023 Australian National Gateball Championships in 2023, along with the State championships for Queensland and New South Wales.

What is Gateball?

Gateball is a relatively new sport in Australia, but it is steadily gaining popularity. This easy-to-learn game is similar to croquet, but it is played on a smaller court and with a different type of mallet.


It’s origins actually go back to Japan in 1947. At the time there was a severe shortage of rubber needed to make the balls used in many sports. Suzuki Kazunobu, then working in the lumber industry on the northern island of Hokkaido, realised there was a ready supply of the wood used to make croquet balls and mallets. He revised the rules of croquet and created gateball as a game for young people. In the late 1950s a physical education instructor introduced gateball to the senior citizens' clubs of Kumamoto City and established a local set of rules.

Gateball's popularity spread across japan, and many other Asian countries.

Gateball In Australia

Gateball was first introduced to Australia during a visit in October 1986, and in 2003, Australia was elected as a member country of the World Gateball Union.

One of the best things about gateball is that it can be played by people of all ages and abilities. There are no age restrictions, and there is no need for any special skills or fitness levels. All you need is a mallet and a ball, and you are good to go.

3 Australain Gateball players in Sun Sleeves

Fun in the Sun

It is a easy-to-learn game that can be enjoyed by people of all ages and abilities, and for older folk it’s a great option:

  • It is a low-impact sport, so it is easy on your joints.
  • It is a great way to improve your balance and coordination.
  • It is a social activity, so you can meet new people and make friends.
  • It is a fun and challenging game that can be enjoyed by people of all ages.
  • The game is typically played outdoors, so a good opportunity to soak up some vitamin D.

However, it is important to protect your skin from too many harmful UV rays. Crazy Arms are a great way to keep arms protected while freely swinging the mallet!

Where to play

You can find your nearest club here on the Gateball Australia website

The 2023 National Championships took place at Wodonga Croquet Club 7-10 September

Gateball player in white sun sleeves

A big thank you goes out to Tracey at the Pine Rivers club for introducing us to this great ‘new’ game, and if you live in the Brendale area, why not get in touch and give it a go?

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Richard A. Brooks, Wikipedia

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