Safe and Stylish with Crazy Arms: The Best Arm Sleeves for Kids' Sports

Safe and Stylish with Crazy Arms: The Best Arm Sleeves for Kids' Sports

Worried about the sun's UV  for your kids?

As a parent, it's only natural to want to protect your child from any harm, including the damaging effects of the sun's UV rays. At Crazy Arms, our goal was to provide a practical and stylish solution that would protect children's arms from harmful UV rays without hindering their ability to move and play freely.

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Getting the balance between sun benefits and sun damage

It's common knowledge that outdoor sports and activities are crucial for a child's development, both physically and mentally. Research conducted during the Covid lockdowns has shown that children who engaged in outdoor activities had better health and mental health outcomes.

Getting enough sunshine is important for maintaining healthy levels of vitamin D, but too much exposure to UV rays can cause skin damage, especially for young kids whose DNA is more susceptible. Studies have shown that getting burned as a child can increase the risk of developing skin cancer later in life. That's why it's important to take steps to protect your child's skin while they're enjoying outdoor activities.

So, why arm sleeves?

Long-sleeved shirts can be cumbersome, and in some sports like cricket, soccer, or basketball, they can be downright annoying. Stand-alone arm sleeves offer the same level of protection as long sleeves without the added bulk. Crazy Arms are also certified UPF 50+, so you can be confident that your child's arms are getting the protection they need.

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Some parents may wonder why they choose arm sleeves over sunscreen. While sunscreen is certainly a viable option, it can be less efficient and messy and the sunscreen ingredients aren't always the best. It's easy to miss spots or not apply it correctly, and it needs to be reapplied every two hours or so. Arm sleeves, on the other hand, provide continuous visible protection without any mess or fuss.

The arm sleeves trend.

Arm sleeves have become increasingly popular in sports like basketball, soccer, and cricket, and even in golf. For professional athletes, the benefits may vary. It might be for warmth, for sun protection, for protection against grass burns, or as compression arm sleeves to help with muscle support and recovery. At Crazy Arms, we offer lightweight compression sleeves that are perfect for most weekend sports warriors and kids, unless there is a specific injury need.

Soccer boy in blue crazy arms sun sleeves

While our journey started with arm sleeves for kids involved in sports, we have since grown into a brand for the whole family, including parents and grandparents. It's never too late to start protecting yourself from the damaging effects of the sun's UV rays, and it's never too early to start teaching your kids about sun safety.

With Crazy Arms, you can have fun in the sun while keeping your skin safe and protected.

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