Eco-Friendly (Tab)


Our fabric is made from Econyl®, a regenerated nylon coming from ghost fishing nets and other nylon waste. 

Our fabric partner, ECONYL® has developed an innovative and sustainable regeneration system. The yarn is made from regenerated Nylon 6 waste that is collected all over the world and sent to the ECONYL® waste treatment centre. The cleaned nylon waste is shredded, compacted, bagged and transported to The ECONYL® Depolymerization Plant, where it goes through a radically new purification process. It then goes through the ECONYL® Polymerization Plant, where polymerization transforms the regenerated raw material into Nylon 6 polymers. The Nylon 6 Polymers are then transformed into textile yarn. The ECONYL® yarn can be regenerated over and over for an infinite number of times without any loss in quality.

This recycled fabric costs a little more to produce, but when we tested it for its UV protection capabilities, coolness comfort and stretch, we were convinced it was perfect for Crazy Arms.


Crazy Arms™ packaging is lightweight, simple, fun, educational, easy to mail, and made from 100% recycled materials. To send out the Crazy Arms to our customers, we use either recycled paper envelopes, or shipping pouches made from corn starch, which will naturally degrade. We believe this is a much better alternative to the single-use plastic packaging used by other companies.