Custom Logo

Want your club, school, or team logo printed on your Crazy Arms? No Problems.

Crazy Arms cricket club sleevesCrazy Arms archery club sleeve

Starting with a minimum orders of 50 sleeves (across sizes), we can customise your sleeves using any of our standard recycled fabric colours.

Simply complete this form, send us your artwork (or we can create the branding for you), and we will check product availability, confirm price, and contact you for a credit card number to process the order. You will receive a digital mock-up of the sleeve for approval before printing. Delivery times approx. 4 weeks.

Pricing Guide

 Minimum 50 pairs - can be across multiple sizes

Kids - $21.70 per pair

Adults - $25.20 per pair

(Prices exclude GST)

Need to know more?

Download the order request form here


Download a pdf to share with your club committee