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The Crazy Arms team spend a good deal of time seeking out the best sunscreens for those parts clothing cannot cover. Here are our two favourites.

SunButter, founded by two marine biologists, uses an environmentally gentle and reef safe formula on the market, packaged in reusable and recyclable tins.

The Little Urchin range also embraces the natural barrier zinc-based protection. It has an unique formulation that doesn’t leave a white filmy or greasy residue. Containing non-nano particles, the formula uses naturally-occurring preservatives, making it free from synthetic preservatives and nasty chemicals.

Read the Crazy Arms sunscreen research here

Protection for all the family

SPF 50

Reef Safe

Palm Oil Free

No nano particles

No Sunspheres

Therapeutic Goods Administration registered

Vegan and cruelty free

Rubs in clear

Safe for all skin

Made in Australia

Why choose reef safe sunscreen?

Our oceans are under threat from pollution and many sunscreens are contributing to the problem. Whilst providing your skin with UV protection, widely accepted sunscreen chemicals are also killing corals, causing toxic build-up in marine animal tissues and putting a strain on our ocean’s ecosystems.

SunButter, for example, was founded by two marine biologists with a dedication to create the most effective, environmentally gentle and reef-safe Sunscreen formula on the market, packaged in reusable and recyclable tins.

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We donate 1% of all sales to healthyseas.org

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1% of all sales are donated to healthyseas.org