Crazy Arms Cricket Sleeves are the perfect accessory for all cricketers. ARPANSA tested UPF 50+. Sun Protection. Graze protection. Muscle support. Lightweight, premium recycled fabric. 10% Club Discount for orders of 10 pairs or more.

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Performance Cricket Sleeves

  • Whether fielding, at the crease, or bowling to secure that vital wicket, Crazy Arms compression helps reduce muscle oscillation and joint injury and provides great proprioceptive feel to cricketers of all ages.  
  • The moisture-wicking fabric stays cool. On extreme heat days, apply cold water to the sleeves which gives a cooling effect without impairing the sun protection.
  • Clothing provides a more reliable and less messy solution than sunscreen, which needs to be regularly applied to maintain high levels of protection.  We do however recommend the use of zinc sunscreen on face,and wearing broad rim hats.
  • The durable fabric also offers good anti-graze protection for general fielding activity, subject to the level of impact / nature of the ground.
  • Great for shining the ball too.
  • Machine wash and line dry. To remove stains and keep your Crazy Arms white, visit our tips here

10% club discount on orders of 10 or more pairs. Customised with club logo available - email

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