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Exactly what I was looking for

These are super-high quality and are just what I needed. Extremely fast delivery, too. Thank you!

Blue crazy arms

My grandson loves the new arms but asked if they would ever be available longer with holes for a thumb.

My daughter loves them for soccer!!

Post hand surgery fashion

I had surgery on my ulna and had a removable brace. I wore the crazyarms underneath to protect my skin from the constant abrasion of the brace. I loved these as they are soft and loose enough to wear all day and night. It was better than any other options for so many reasons. The washablity was essential. Of course I loved that I could match my cast to my outfits.

Just love the palm leaf design colour also great. Just done a review on your new sizing the x small are brilliant and thanks for letting me part of that. PS I tea dye your white ones as I live such a busy "dirty" life so I find the palm leaf design suits me fine.

Skin Saver

These arm sleeves have been a life saver for me! I am allergic to sunscreen but live where it is a necessity for most of the year. With these sleeves, I am able to be outside and enjoy theme parks with my family without having to worry about sunburn or dealing with a reaction to sunscreen for days afterwards. The sleeves are cool and comfortable even in the heat and humidity. I do have smaller arms and was worried that they may not stay up, but that has not been a problem at all. They urban grey color also works great with my Star Wars bounds - it blends right in and looks like it is meant to be part of the outfit!

Urban grey arm sleeves

Purchased for my husband to cover bruised arms from cancer treatments. The color does not show dirt as light colors would, the fit is just right, not too tight, and the fabric is cool.

Top quality product..impressed.

We bought here for our 7 year old for a soccer carnival. We live in Nth Qld where the sun is harsh for most of year. He hates sunscreen so we gave these a try. He loved them, said there were comfie and cool to wear. Fit perfectly, washed well and they work..6 hours in the sun, absolutely no sunburn. He often ends up red even with regular sunscreen applications..not with these. We won’t stop using them. Super impressed. Highly recommend.

Mermaid Kids Arm Sleeves
Nicole Thibodaux

My daughter has lymphedema from childhood cancer and loves these as a light compression sleeve, the mermaid print is so cute! Not only functional but also fashionable for a little girl.

Great product!

The product is well made, arrived promptly and very well priced. I recommend highly. Will buy again.

Great product. The sleeves are perfect for what I need. I suffer skin cancer on my arms. A skin colour would be good.

Good but could still be better

Nice feel and good fit but unfortunately it in my opinion it requires a stronger elastic at the top end to ensure that it does not slide down during a round of golf. In my case I needed to pull the sleeve back up several times during the round. Admittedly I am unusually "skinny", but having purchased "small" I was expecting it to hold. Apart from that the quality seems very good.

Great product

Very comfortable hardly know you are wearing them look the goods

Best Ever

this is my 3rd pair They are the best Thankyou

Great product

Great sun Protection without the extra clothing. Kids want to wear them. Thanks Crazy Arms.

Great under cast protectors

These are great for under my removable cast. They wash and dry quickly. The first time I wore them into the Hand Therapy Office I got lots of compliments. My surgeon wanted to buy some for her ultra runner husband.

Grey Camo Kids Arm Sleeves
Karolina Quearry
Cheaper than sunblock

And works a lot better as well! My son hates any type of creamer lotion on his skin so these arms are a great alternative to conventional sun block. He never argues about wearing them:-)

SEQ Golf Course Photos

Love the different colours available and the product is awesome. Delivery & service at a very high standard. Recommended!!!

Just Awesome!!!

These sleeves are great and come in so many different colour options. Quality service & delivery.

Comfortable and easy to slip on

Not only for sun protection

I'm suffering from nerve pain in both arms where the tiniest air flow causes pain. Up until now I've been using regular tubular bandages from the pharmacy which obviously isn't the most stylish. I've got two pairs (black and grey)with thumb holes and as long as I wash them every day they keep being as tight as I need them to be.

Black Arm Sleeves OK

Although we haven't worn our new black arm sleeves very often since buying them, now that winter is here in force, they are very comfortable and very fit for purpose (keeping sun off arms while driving in Queensland hot sun).

Pain relief

I am so happy with these sleeves! I have recently had neck surgery and have been subject to nerve pain in my arms. The pain is triggered by anything brushing against my arms, particularly my lower forearms. As a result I have only been able to wear short sleeves and I've become something of a hermit since the weather turned cold. Anyway, these sleeves have changed my life. They move with me and with them on, I can wear a jacket or jumper and be warm. I'm not cured but I can go out to exercise and to meet friends - it's restarted my life. Thank you. Totally recommend them to anyone suffering nerve pain in their arms.

Sunray protection

Thank you. Sleeves arrived promptly, are comfortable.

Excellent Products

Fitted well and did a perfect job