Being Sun Smart on the Cricket Field

Being Sun Smart on the Cricket Field

The Former Australian cricket captain Michael Clarke recently shared his on-going challenges with skin cancer on social media. The 38-year-old shared a picture on Instagram revealing he had gotten “another skin cancer cut”.

“Youngsters out there make sure you are doing all the right things to protect yourself from the sun,” he added.

Arm Sleeves for Junior Cricketers

To try and help keep club cricketers – particularly juniors – well protected, we have launched our Club Program specifically targeted at cricket clubs. Many club uniforms have short-sleeve shirts as they give greater freedom of movement for bowling and fielding. However, it does mean that arms are particularly exposed and rely on good and frequent application of sun screen over the two hours or more that they are typically in the field.


Crazy Arms Blog Post - Peter Siddle and Jofra Archer


As we've mentioned before, we're also seeing a lot more cricketers wearing sleeves under their shirts – Peter Siddle, Jofra Archer, plus a whole host of the Indian test cricketers. This may be to protect from injury with a compression sleeve, protect from grass burns when fielding, but whatever the reason, the arm sleeve look is becoming quite the norm.

Arm Cover in the Covers

Crazy Arms light weight, light compression sleeves are perfect for cricket, and have the added advantage that you can dampen them down at the drinks break with a few splashes of cold water, and they will give a cooling effect for the next 30 minutes or so, obviously depending on the heat of the day.

Shop Crazy Arms for Kids or Adults white cricket sleeves.

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