St Michael's Golf Club – Our favourite testing laboratory

St Michael's Golf Club – Our favourite testing laboratory

It's hard work, but someone has to do it

The government's labs at ARPANSA are where Crazy Arms fabric is checked for its ability to withstand harmful UV rays. You can find out more about how they do it from this video. Our fabric passes the UPF 50+ threshold with flying colours, which means they act as a great barrier against harmful UV rays.

But how comfortable are they to wear?

This is where, as a co-founder of the business, I have to put my arms on the line.  It means spending four and a half hours in the sun, walking round the beautiful coastal area of La Perouse, NSW, the location of St Micheals Golf Course, hitting a ball rather more times than I should. But all in the cause of science. The good news is that Crazy Arms work really well, even under the stressful conditions of mid-summer with temperatures up to 30ºC and beyond. The light-weight fabric is moisture-wicking, so you don't sweat, and you can also splash cool water on the Crazy Arms, which gives a cooling effect without impacting their UV protection.

We've got some young "Arm-bassadors" trying them too

We're delighted that we have some younger golfers trying them out too, like Sam in the Sunshine Coast, and Ruby in Perth.


Crazy Arms young golfers


Golf is actually a dangerous game

Talking to fellow players, golfers are particularly vulnerable to skin cancer from their extreme exposure over the years. Playing sun smart from a young age  is really important, although it's never too late. Protective clothing, sun umbrellas, sun screen, even nose-guards, are all sensible ways to reduce the risk. After all, it's much better to spend time on the course than in the skin clinic.

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For golf sleeves, you can see our golf ranges here. From our own research and on course testing, we also recommend NozKon for nose protection - although it's not pretty - and the UV-Blocker Golf umbrella - but beware postage costs from the US.

Our blog articles are based on our own experience and research.  For expert advice, please contact a medical professional.

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