Cloudy, rainy days, and still dangerous UV

On hot days with clear blue skies in the middle of summer, most of us are aware that we have to stay out of the sun and take precautions. Often there will a UV rating – the...

Supporting the Riverina Melanoma Ride 2022

Melanoma survivor Matt Kean organised an awesome 1000km bike ride around the Riverina for eight days from 31st March - 7th April.  The goal is to increase awareness of melanoma and raise funds for Amie...

The 3 Best Zinc-based Sunscreens, as voted by the Crazy Arms team

The Crazy Arms team often get asked what sunscreens we recommend for those parts of the body that can’t be protected by clothing. With so many to choose from on the supermarket shelves, it can...

How to keep those Crazy Arms White!

Even with careful washing, whites can go a little grey with constant wear (scroll down for some tips on how to keep your whites as bright as possible).

Here’s four ways to try and help remove stains or brighten up your whites, starting with the least toxic.

Why ‘clothing is king’ when it comes to sun protection.

Article updated August 2021 Can you trust sunscreen?  As a Cancer Council spokesperson told us at a recent school event, when it comes to sun protection, ‘clothing is king’.  So what does that mean for ‘slopping’...

St Michael's Golf Club – Our favourite testing laboratory

It's hard work, but someone has to do it The government's labs at ARPANSA are where Crazy Arms fabric is checked for its ability to withstand harmful UV rays. You can find out more about how...

Fathers Day Gift Ideas

Great Fathers Day Gift ideas from $15.50. Eco gifts for Dads you care about, carefully constructed to leave a gentle footprint.

Introducing Healthy Seas Socks

Healthy Seas Socks - another great product using regenerated yarn (ECONYL®) made from ghost nets recovered from the ocean.

Introducing Headz - UV Protection, and the Covid question

Headz by Crazy Arms have been in development since last summer.  They are designed as a flexible garment to protect necks and faces from harsh UV rays. Now of course, we have Covid-19 to protect ourselves from, and outside of the medical profession, face protection has become a question of style. So are these stylish alternatives safe?  And which of the world's top golfers is rocking a similar product?

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