How top sports stars stay unflappable!

How top sports stars stay unflappable!

Whether it is the world’s top football player, Cristiano Ronaldo, our leading Australian woman golfer Minjee Lee, or cricket’s up-and-coming Big Bash star, Jofra Archer, they all have something in common. When it comes to arm-wear, they prefer the short sleeve top, with arm sleeves worn underneath.

Long Sleeves are the opposition!

There’s nothing worse than a long-sleeve sports shirt. The bottom of the sleeves just flap around. Not the distraction you need, when lining up a free kick, hovering over a putt, or rolling your arm over at 14Okm/h. 

Jofra Archer

Short sleeves give you the freedom, but arms need protection from sun, wind, cold, and the odd scratch and bump as you race around fielding. There’s more to the look than a simple aesthetic!

Crazy Arms for the sports stars of tomorrow.

To date, Crazy Arms haven’t provided arm sleeves for top athletes like those featured above. Our focus is the next generation, providing the best protection for the kids aged 5 - 11. Our arm sleeves are made from a lightweight, moisture-wicking fabric that provides great UPF 50+ protection. A choice of three sizes mean they fit well, and kids love the smooth, soft but compressive feel - like a cool second skin.

Minjee Lee wearing sun Sleeves

Play like a professional.

For the aspiring sports stars of tomorrow who spend many hours outdoors practising or playing, wearing arm sleeves is a smart way to go. They can choose single colour Crazy Arms that go with their sports uniform, or show their personality with one of our funky designs.

Either way, their arms will be safe from harmful sun damage, and their minds can be focused on the game.

Photography Credit: Cristiano Ronaldo (Soccer Kings)Minjee Lee (Daily Mercury) / Jofra Archer (Daily Mail UK)

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